WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community

A partnership between Rutgers Meteorology Program and RU-tv, the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community gives students the chance to deliver the daily campus forecast, while learning meteorology and broadcasting.

Where Science and Broadcasting Converge

Live and learn with like-minded students as you produce daily weather forecasts and full-length science shows for RU-tv. During their first year in the program, students take a required 1.5-credit course offered through the School of Communication and Information for both fall and spring semesters. The 2-part course explores media messages, creative television production, and media literacy, and their application in weather forecasting. Students must also enroll in "Elements of Meteorology" offered through the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Students are given increasing levels of leadership responsibilities every year they participate.

Students in the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community have:

  • access to video, sound, and editing equipment;
  • in-depth training sessions to learn how to use television equipment;
  • the opportunity to develop and produce daily weather forecasts for the university's television network and longer pieces of science journalism for both the university's television network and national distribution;
  • a chance to live and work with a group of passionate students who share an interest in video production;
  • special guest speakers and field trips; and
  • priority consideration for employment opportunities with RU-tv.

Student standing in front of weather screenStudent editing video

Right at Home

Students in the WeatherWatcher community live in Perry Hall, located on Cook Campus, Rutgers–New Brunswick. A short walk from the Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences Building, Perry Hall offers carpeting, air conditioning, cable TV, and internet access in each room, which is normally shared with a roommate; and a kitchen and lounge on each floor. You're also only a short walk to the Cook Campus Center and the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center.

Apply Online

All Rutgers–New Brunswick students are welcome to apply by submitting the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community online application. Applications received by May 1 are guaranteed consideration for the following fall semester. RU-tv staff review applications and finalists will be asked to interview.

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