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The following are previously taped individual segments for Inside Rutgers. Click on the show title below to view the show online. Windows Media player or Flip4Mac is required to view.

Tanzania Coffee House Fundraiser - May 11, 2011(WMV):

BVLC: An Evening with Journalists - May 5, 2011(WMV):

Yo Yo Club- May 3, 2011 (WMV): Rutgers Yo Yo Club is full of fun tricks and talented members. If you ever need something to do in your spare time or want to test your creative juices, join the Rutgers Yo-Yo club to see what they are all about!

Snapshot of Rutgers Day 2011 - May 3, 2011 (WMV): The third annual Rutgers Day was bigger and better than it has ever been. Over 500 student organizations joined the festivities, and tens of thousands of people were in attendance.

RU Commencement- April 28, 2011 (WMV): Rutgers 2011 University Commencement, is right around the corner. Check out this video to see what people think about the commencement and to find out Fun Facts that you may want to know!

Student Employment Week - April 28, 2011 (WMV): Students employees will be showing off their work, and awards will go to the top three presentations. We encourage everyone to stop by to see our student employee posters, and to check out our special 3-D Scarlet Knight cake!

Seeing Eye Puppy Raing Club - April 28, 2011 (WMV): The Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club is the best two for one deal for all animal lovers and community service volunteers.

Hit the Streets: Rutgersfest- April 13, 2011 (WMV): Hit the streets with Philip O’Driscoll to see what your peers are expecting of this year’s annual Rutgersfest.

How to be a Martial Arts Fighter - March 30, 2011 (WMV): Check out the Rutgers Martial Arts club and maybe consider taking some lessons for a skillful and great workout or use some techniques as a stress reliever.

RU Strong Competition - March 11, 2011 (WMV): RU-tv's own Amy O'Hara joined Rutgers recreation to find the strongest person at Rutgers! R U Strong?

Misha Bernier Interview - March 9, 2011 (WMV): Rutgers' very own Misha Bernier strutted her stuff and won her way into becoming one of the 2009 Clinique Fresh Face winners! Check out how she went from studying Poli Sci to fashion tips all in one year!

Interview with Tara Kousha - March 3, 2011 (WMV): Third year English Major, Tara Kousha discusses her role as a Rutgers Google Student Ambassador. The program allows her to act a liaison between Rutgers and Google.

The Herstory of Mabel Smith Douglass - March 3, 2011 (WMV): This short segment is about the Herstory of Mabel Smith Douglass and the struggles she encountered, while establishing Douglass Residence College.

Interview with Jon Buchalski - March 3, 2011 (WMV): Interview with Jon Buchalski, winner of the ROSCARs 2010 Knight-time Achievement Award for his involvement in the Rutgers New Student Orientation Program.

Dress for Success - February 24, 2011 (WMV): Whenever preparing for an interview, it’s always good to keep a few handy tips in mind. Check out this video to learn more about how to dress properly for an interview.

Higher Education Task Force - February 17, 2011 (WMV): New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the plans of New Jersey’s Higher Education Task Force to make major changes in colleges throughout the state including our very own, Rutgers University. Find out what both Governor Christie and Rutgers’ President McCormick has to say on this new plan!

Hit the Streets 3 - December 14, 2010 (WMV): RU-tv took it to the streets to talk to students about the turkey season!

IRP111 (Scott Glenn Interview) - December 3, 2010 (WMV): Krystle Rich sits down to speak with Scott Glenn, a distinguished professor of oceanography here at Rutgers University. Glenn has been an important part of the oceanography department for almost twenty years. He was the driving force behind the COOL Room, a state of the art ocean observation laboratory located on Cook Campus. The COOL Room is the most advanced research laboratory of its kind in the world.

Alta Gracia IR - December 3, 2010 (WMV): Join José Medrano as he takes an inside look at the Alta Gracia Project, the first project committed to pay a living wage to factory workers in the Dominican Republic.

Rutgers Football Corn Maize - December 3, 2010 (WMV): Join Santiago Melli-Huber as he gets lost in a Rutgers football-themed corn maize!

Study NJ Event - November 30, 2010 (WMV): Study New Jersey connects international students with an excellent educational experience in the state of New Jersey.

Hit the Streets 4 - November 29, 2010 (WMV): RU-tv takes it to the streets to see what students have to say about finals!

Stress in College Students - November 18, 2010 (WMV): The stress levels in college students are tremendous. RU-tv met up with Dr. Mary Kelly from Rutgers Counseling, ADAP, and Psychiatric Services to discuss ways that students can manage their stress.

Break Dancer Segment - November 18, 2010 (WMV): Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a break dancer? Let's see how our very own Jose Tavarez handled his first break dancing session!

K. Skinner Walk (USWO Krystal Skinner Walk) - November 12, 2010 (WMV): The Rutgers Undergraduate Social Work Organization honors Krystal Skinner at their 2nd annual walk against domestic violence. Proceeds from the walk go towards a scholarship in Krystal's name that assists eligible undergraduate social work majors at Rutgers University.

Dean Jacqueline Litt - November 5, 2010 (WMV): Jacqueline Litt was recently selected to be the Dean of Douglass Residential College. Watch Tiffany Hill's interview with Dean Litt as she speaks about her plans for DRC, her career, and more!

Cooking Segment with Mr. Mokhtar Ramadan - October 22, 2010 (WMV): Elva visits Mr. Mokhtar Ramadan, owner of King Pita's Palace, to get cheap and easy cooking tips for students who live on campus.

Emily Amador - October 22, 2010 (WMV): Many battles are won on the Rutgers football field! Find out the atypical battle won on the field as Emily Amador, a Rutgers Dance team member, speaks out about her battle against cancer!

Suzy Ismail Interview - October 7, 2010 (WMV): Join Tiffany Hill and SuzyIsmailas they discussher book "When Muslim Marriage Fails: Divorce Chronicles and Commentaries."

IR Hit the Streets - October 1, 2010 (WMV):

How to be a RU Volleyball Player - October 1, 2010 (WMV): Ever wonder what it takes to be a Scarlet Knight volleyball player? RU-tv has got the inside scoop on what you need to know about this challenging sport!

Rutgers Formula Racing Package - July 21, 2010 (WMV): RU-tv gets revved up with the RU Formula Racing Team!

Hutcheson Memorial Forest- June 25, 2010 (WMV): Join Nadine Selim as she delves into one of New Jersey's only preserved and untouched forests and gets a private tour with forest expert Aspa Chatiziefthimiou.

Life and Times of Henry Rutgers- June 18, 2010 (WMV): Latifah Chambers takes a look at the life and times of Henry Rutgers, an event sponsored by the Rutgers University Libraries.

How We Live Now: Picturing Everyday in Children's Book - May 11, 2010 (WMV): Children's Book Illustrations have changed dramatically over time. Justin Hughes takes us on a tour of the "How We Live Now: Picturing Everyday Life in Children's Book Illustrations" exhibit at the Zimmerli Art Museum to explore these changes and progressions.

Professor Mittelstadt Lecture - May 11, 2010 (WMV): Penn State's Professor Jennifer Mittelstadt visited the Student Activities Center to discuss the government's increasing assistance to army families over time.

The Dirty Water Party - May 11, 2010 (WMV): "The Dirty Water Party was a night of fun that included live music, dancing, a special cat walk, and most importantly, learning! Students found out how their participation in the Dirty Water Challenge could help rebuild wells in Haiti and provide people with clean water!"

Interview with Rich Wells, Rutgers University Historical Society - May 11, 2010 (WMV): Do you know the story about William the Silent or The Canon Wars? Rich Wells, Treasurer of the Rutgers University Historical Society, talks to us about the organization and how they want to keep Rutgers University history alive.

New Livingston Student Center - May 6, 2010 (WMV): The renovations to the Livingston Student Center are complete as John Leaver takes a look at the new features, including the impressive multipurpose room and the Rutgers Zone.

Interview with Shandon Campbell, Mr. Engineer - May 6, 2010 (WMV): Some think that an engineerisa student that does nothing but do math equations on Busch campus. Join Santiago Melli-Huber as he interviews Shandon Campbell, winner of this past year’s Mr. Engineer, as they prove there is more to an engineer than meets the eye.

Rutgers United for the Welfare of Animals - May 6, 2010 (WMV): Rutgers United for the Welfare of Animals is a group driven to help out animals in need. They take time out of their busy schedules to go to animal shelters and help out in any way they can. It's all about the animals for this group!

Rutgers Green House - April 30, 2010 (WMV): Santiago Melli-Huber visits the Rutgers Green House and finds a hidden oasis on the Cook campus.

Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences - April 30, 2010 (WMV): Justin Hughes sits down with Dr. Kamal Kahn, the director of the Officefor Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences. The office isdedicated to bringing underrepresented students into the science fields.

Rutgers Day 2010 Package - April 24, 2010 (WMV): Rutgers Day 2010 is finally upon us! Justin Hughes takes a whirlwind tour around all four campuses to see all of the amazing events of the day.

RUSA Chairman Interview, Werner Born - April 1, 2010 (WMV): Santiago Melli-Huber sits down with RUSA's chairman,WernerBorn, to learn more about the Rutgers University Student Assembly. Find out ways to get involved and voice your opinion about any issues affecting the Rutgers student population.

RUSA MOS - March 26, 2010 (WMV): See what students have to say as they express campus concerns and future expectations from RUSA, the Rutgers University Student Assembly. MOS - March 25, 2010 (WMV): What would the students think about when they are introduced to the independent journalism website?

Barbara Voorhees Mentor Program - March 12, 2010 (WMV): Find out more about the Barbara Voorhees Mentor Program and how you can become a leader in the Douglass Residential College! Dean Katherine Birckmayer and some of the student mentors share about their great experience with the program.

Renewable Energy Project - February 25, 2010 (WMV): RU-tv meets with the three co-founders, as well as other participants of the GREEN Project, getting an inside look at their 12-day educational adventure to Costa Rica.

Engineers Without Boarders - February 25, 2010 (WMV): James Hughes, president of Engineers Without Borders, tells RU-tv's Justin Hughes all about his summer in Thailand as he and a team of RU student engineers changed an entire village forever!

Life and Times of Henry Rutgers MOS - February 18, 2010 (WMV): See what RU students know about the man their school was named after-HenryRutgers!

Lalla Essaydi: Les Femmes du Maroc - February 18, 2010 (WMV): Latifah Chambers explores Les Femmes du Maroc, an exhibition by Lalla Essaydi at the Zimmerli Art Museum.

4-H - February 18, 2010 (WMV): The Rutgers University New Brunswick 4-H Club is a student organization that provides service to the New Brunswick community.

SCREAM Theater - February 11, 2010 (WMV): Afriyie Amankwaa takes a look at SCREAM Theater. SCREAM Theater is a student produced theater group dedicated to teaching students about the dangers of sexual assault and violence.

RU Housing Lottery - February 11, 2010 (WMV): Residence Life has heard RU students' cries over on-campus housing selection and in turn, has changed up the lottery to help ease their stress. Watch to see more on the new housing lottery at Rutgers.

emPower MOS - February 11, 2010 (WMV): RU-tv takes to the streets to find out what students know about the emPower organization and to teach them how they can get involved.

Energy MOS - February 4, 2010 (WMV): Find outwhat students think about going "green" at Rutgers, the Rutgers Solar Farm, and if they would participate in the Entrepreneurial Renewable Energy Program.

The Young Horse Program - February 4, 2010 (WMV): For all those horse lovers out there, Lynda Ha explores the Young Horse Teaching & Research Program at the Ryders Lane Barn located on Cook Campus!

Rutgers Hillel MOS- January 29, 2009 (WMV): Ever wonder what the Rutgers Hillel is and the events it plans? We asked some students what they do know about Rutgers Hillel.

Student Volunteer Council - December 22, 2009 (WMV): Erin Ruff visits with the Student Volunteer Council at their Winter Wishes event to learn more about the Student Volunteers and their charitable events in the New Brunswick community.

Interview with Claire Calandra - December 22, 2009 (WMV): Join Shaina Wizov as she talks with Professor Claire Calandra about her involvement at the Rutgers Business School and her experiences in the industry.

Brodsky Center for Visual Arts - December 22, 2009 (WMV): Tiffany Hill speaks with Judith Brodsky, director of the Brodsky Center for Visual Arts. This state of the art studio offers Rutgers students and faculty everything they need to create beautiful works of art.

emPowered - December 10, 2009 (WMV): Imagine a place where families live in waste dumps. The Rutgers Chapter of emPower Energy Group sits down with Terek Pierce to tell the Rutgers community what initiatives they are taking to help combat this and other poverty related issues.

School of Communications and Information - December 10, 2009 (WMV): Come find out what students at the School of Communication and Information think about the professors, classes, the dean, and the name change.

Women in Art - December 10, 2009 (WMV): Douglass Library showcases Women Artists throughout the year, but what do the studentsthink about women artists in general?

Rutgers Association of Philippine Students - December 10, 2009 (WMV): RU-tv's Bhargavi Sriram speaks to RAPS President Amanda Yu to find out what the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students does for the RU Filipino community!

Veterans Services - December 10, 2009 (WMV): RU-tv's Tiffany Hill speaks with Dean Schurman about how the New GI Bill affects student veterans and what Rutgers does to help them make a smooth transition to college life!

Interview with Co-Founder of Institute for Women & Art - December 3, 2009 (WMV): Professor Emerita Judith Brodsky speaks with RU-tv's Krystle Rich about the Institute for Women and Art at Rutgers and its impact on the art world. Watch to find out more!

Traditional American Folk Music with Jay Smar - December 3, 2009 (WMV): Yasmeen introduces us to a world of folklore during an event sponsored by the American Studies department featuring professional folk musician, Jay Smar.

The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) at RU - November 25, 2009 (WMV): The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) at Rutgers University is an organization devoted to the mission of providing medical attention to every under-insured and uninsured child around the world. They sponsor events to raise funds and awareness, while volunteering their time to help those in need.

Latino Alumni Association - November 25, 2009 (WMV): RU-tv's Jen Gerald finds out how Latinos can stay connected to Rutgers after graduation with the newly formed Latino Alumni Association at Rutgers University (LAARU).

Mindful Meditation - November 20, 2009 (WMV): Getting a little stressed out by everything around you? Join Jose Medrando as he learns some techniques that could help you keep your cool and have a better life and day.

Rutgers Readers - November 20, 2009 (WMV): John Leaver sits down with Alan Martofel, President of the Rutgers Readers organization. Rutgers Readers helps elementary school students in the New Brunswick by tutoring them to read among other subjects.

100 Students to Learn "Thriller" - November 20, 2009 (WMV): Rutgers students and faculty started off Halloween weekend paying homage to the late Michael Jackson by learning the popular dance from his music video, "Thriller."

New Visitor Center - November 5, 2009 (WMV): This 12,000 square-foot, two story facility has a lot to offer prospective students. Watch this video to see the new Visitor Center!

Bill Clinton Visits Rutgers - October 28, 2009 (WMV): Former President Bill Clinton visits Rutgers to Rally for Governor Corzine.

Graduate & Professional School Expo - October 27, 2009 (WMV): Career Services and Graduate and Professional Admissions co-sponsored the Graduate and Professional School Expo on Saturday, October 24. Graduate school representatives from all three Rutgers campuses were at the Rutgers Student Center to give prospective students important information about their programs of interest.

Rutgers Food Innovation Center - October 26, 2009 (WMV): Interested in starting, partnering, or interning in the Food Industry? Lou Cooperhouse, Director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, shares expert information on interesting opportunities.

Interview with Dr. Robert Blumenschine - October 26, 2009 (WMV): Interested in tracing the roots of your ancestors? Dr. Robert Blumenschine, from the Center of Human Evolutionary Studies (CHES) talks about his anthropological research and latest developments at the CHES.

Interview with Dr. Scott Glenn - October 21, 2009 (WMV): Krystle Rich sits down to speak with Scott Glenn, a distinguished professor of oceanography here at Rutgers University. Glenn has been an important part of the oceanography department for almost twenty years. He was the driving force behind the COOL Room, a state of the art ocean observation laboratory located on Cook Campus. The COOL Room is the most advanced research laboratory of its kind in the world.

Interview with Arthur Casciato - October 15, 2009 (WMV): Join Hali Fleigelman as she takes a visit to the Office of External Fellowships and Postgraduate Guidance and interviews the director, Arthur D. Casciato. Casciato guides many students who wish to pursue their academic goals beyond Rutgers through a national fellowship.

New - October 15, 2009 (WMV): Check out how the new is broader, more efficient, and how it has been tailored for just about anyone who visits the site! Whether you’re a potential student, current student, alumni, faculty, or parent, you can learn all about the valuable resources and amazing students and faculty that are part of the Rutgers community.

Twitter Study - October 15, 20009 (WMV): Do you use Twitter? If so, are you an Informer or a Meformer? Rutgers Assistant Professors Mor Naaman and Jeffrey Boase sit down for an interview with Jennifer Gerald about the results of their recent study on Twitter users.

Healthy Eating On Campus - October 8, 2009 (WMV): Shaina Wizov takes us on a tour of the Neilson Dining Hall and shows us all the healthy eating options available at campus dining halls.

Numbers - October 8, 2009 (WMV): RU Recreation and Health services want you to check out their annual event Numb3rs to improve your personal health awareness!

Undergraduate Research - September 24, 2009 (WMV): Dean Levine encourages undergraduate students to conduct and present their own research projects on whatever topic they'd like.

Victoria’s Secret Pink - September 23, 20009 (WMV): Did you know that Rutgers was chosen to represent Victoria’s Secret in their new PINK Collegiate Collection? Terek Pierce gives us the inside look from the VS PINK Campus Tour’s visit to Rutgers.

Scarlet Knight Days - September 23, 2009 (WMV): Do you remember your first days on campus? Well we were able to check out move in weekend this year. Starting with the Scarlet Carnival all the way to the Target Back to School Sale. Come join is in these first-years first days on campus, and maybe it will bring back some memory of your first days on the Banks of the old Raritan.

Research - September 23, 2009 (WMV): How much do the Students know about research at Rutgers University? We go out and ask students what they would like to research if they could and much more.

Heritage - September 23, 2009 (WMV): We go to the streets of Rutgers to find out what people know about their heritage and culture. Even if they know any of the historical/famous figures of their heritage and culture.