Student Spotlight: Scott Sincoff Interns at The Weather Channel

September 26, 2012

Scoff Sincoff SEBS and SC&I ’14 is the associate producer for RU-tv’s WeatherWatcher broadcast and the weather producer for Wake Up Rutgers.  He spent his summer as an unpaid intern at The Weather Channel in Atlanta, Georgia, and was the only intern chosen from outside the Atlanta area.

Sincoff’s internship at The Weather Channel was preceded by a long history with RU-tv as one of the original members of the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community (WWLLC). The next year he became a floor leader for the WWLLC, and went on to become a mentor team leader in 2011-2012. As the new associate producer, his responsibilities have grown considerably since his first year at RU-tv with a heavy emphasis on leadership and trouble-shooting. He is not only learning, but is now able to put all of the pieces together in terms of making sure the production of weather forecasts run smoothly in all areas.

Sincoff credits RU-tv for being a valuable stepping stone to his internship at The Weather Channel. He admits he was not prepared for the vastness of the operation and that it was a much bigger production than he thought it would be, but he went into his internship already knowing how to write print and television news stories—skills that came in very handy while taking his timed writing tests during the application process. At The Weather Channel, Sincoff learned how to use the prompter, give floor directions, work the cameras, and write in different styles for teases, voice-overs, and packages. He interviewed a hurricane hunter and ran scripts for on-camera meteorologists. He also got to work with the team that produced daily weather forecasts for the London 2012 Olympics. Sincoff enjoyed being part of the “humongous team effort” and worked every shift—even the midnight to 9 a.m. shifts.

“I really love the personal side of weather. It affects everything we do like how we dress or when to go on vacation. Even our moods.”

Sincoff is heavily interested in the way weather affects the everyday lives of people and how this relationship is conveyed through social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter: “I really love the personal side of weather. It affects everything we do like how we dress or when to go on vacation. Even our moods.” Viewers can watch television reports about the extreme droughts and wildfires raging in the United States, but what people post through social media about their experiences gives the rest of the country a very personal take on these catastrophic weather-related events. Sincoff monitors the WeatherWatcher Twitter page and updates the Rutgers community about extreme weather conditions in the area.

In addition to his responsibilities at RU-tv, Sincoff is also a Resident Assistant for Lippincott Residence Hall, business manager at Rutgers University Glee Club where he also sings baritone, tour guide for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, reporter for a radio show on 90.3 FM the Core, a member of Rutgers Hillel, Rutgers CORPS, Rutgers Meteorology Club, and Rutgers Historical Society.

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