RU-tv students bring home prestigious Mid-Atlantic broadcasting award

July 26, 2012

In May 2012, RU-tv students earned recognition in broadcasting for their submissions to the Eastern Region Community Media Conference sponsored by Jersey Access Group (JAG).  JAG promotes quality public television operations in New Jersey; however, the conference was open to submissions from six other states in the Mid-Atlantic region.  RU-tv won the Sports Programming category with SportsKnight and finished as finalists in the Entertainment Series category with Pass the Popcorn.  Submissions from RU-tv were in competition with those from independent filmmakers and producers, TV station staff and engineers, and other professional advocates of local broadcasting. 

Production of RU-tv pieces are developed and produced by students.  The winning SportsKnight submission was a special episode that featured play-by-play commentary of Rutgers’ 2011 New Era Pinstripe Bowl victory.  Production team students T.J. Fiorillo SAS'12 and Joseph Alvaro SAS'12 spent hours editing and cutting pieces in preparation for this episode, along with long nights in the production office to meet their deadlines. RU-tv at JAM Video Awards

The Pass the Popcorn submission was also a special episode and was dedicated to reviewing the season’s Oscar-nominated movies.  Pass the Popcorn is a difficult show to produce because it has no set scripts, and hosts Santiago Melli-Huber SAS'12 and Matthew Herrmann SAS'12 perform all research and prepare content for the shows on their own.

RU-tv students felt immense pride in taking part in this professional broadcasting competition.  “It was really nice to see ourselves put up against people who do this for a living,” says Josephine Bathan SAS'14, production manager at RU-tv.  “We were shocked to be treated like professionals, even though we were just students.”   A delegation of five student representatives followed Bathan to collect their award at the ceremony on May 3.

In terms of any changes that these awards may bring about for RU-tv’s future production efforts, Bathan believes being in a competition full of professional broadcasters has shown the RU-tv team what they can strive to accomplish.  “We’re aiming to be more competitive because we saw what we can do, such as how we structure our shows or the way things are edited… [winning] is motivation for everyone to continue working hard.”


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