Connecting to the RU-tv Cable System

August 7, 2013

Please note that when connecting a TV for the first time or if you are already connected to the RU-tv cable system, these changes may require you to reprogram your TV to view the RU-tv channels. Users can find this function in the menu of their televisions.

TiVo users, before purchasing TiVo please verify through TiVo that the model you are purchasing is compatible with QAM256. If you are having problems, please contact TiVo directly and have them help with your setup. Make sure the TiVo unit is correctly installed and that you mention to the TIVO tech that the unit is receiving both analog and QAM256. This will be important to them when working to get you online. If you cannot plug a unit in and have it working automatically, you will need TiVo assistance. View additional programming instructions here.

For up-to-date channel lineups, please tune to channels 41.1 – 41.9 on your TV. Look for a downloadable schedule soon on this web site!