Commitment to Learning

In addition to keeping the Rutgers community in the know, RU-tv Network engages students in a range cocurricular and extra-curricular broadcasting and media experiences. Working with RU-tv staff, students can explore all aspects of broadcast communications through student employment or the living-learning experience. 

Beyond the Classroom

Weather forecasters

Here's your chance to delve into the world of broadcasting. RU-tv offers a special-interest and living learning community, which focus on broadcast communication and meteorology. Both are open to any major and all class years. So, you don't have to be a journalism or broadcast major to particpate. Learn more about these great immersion opportunities.

WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community
Located in Perry Hall on the G. H. Cook Campus, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, students with an interest in meterology and broadcasting research, produce, and deliver the daily forecast to the Rutgers community. Learn more. Apply now.

Student Employment
Perhaps you aspire to be the next Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper, Oprah, or even Michael Moore. They all started somewhere. You could begin your broadcasting and media career with RU-tv Network. Whether you're interested in being in front of the camera or behind the scenes, consider applying for one of several network assistant positions at RU-tv today. Learn more. Apply now.