On any given day, you'll find dozens of students creating and sharing RU-tv's award-winning programming for the Rutgers community. From writing content to editing video, RU-tv students do it all and can work in any of our network's five departments.


Are you a problem solver and willing to lend a helping hand? RU-tv’s engineering department manages the network’s operation and production responsibilities, which include:

  • ensuring the broadcasts’ continuity;
  • integrating new technology into the network;
  • troubleshooting technical issues;
  • providing technical training;
  • maintaining cameras, and lighting, audio, and editing equipment.

Engineering staff receive television production training on state-of-the art equipment and learn advanced techniques. Engineers often provide technical assistance to other Rutgers departments such as information technology, student life, athletics, and others.


Do you have a creative side or interest in promotion? Do you love tweeting and facebooking? The RU-tv marketing group is all about synergy and works with units across the university to promote all that Rutgers has to offer. In this position, students focus on “the big picture” to support Campus Information Services, the main information and referral service of Rutgers University.

Students in the marketing department:

  • produce promotional announcements for Rutgers Preview Guide channel;
  • update RU-tv’s Twitter and Facebook pages;
  • promote RU-tv programs through on- and off-air marketing channels; and
  • cultivate and manage network advertising sales.


Interested in the technical aspects of delivering the television signal? Master control is where it all happens. Using the wall of televisions, master control monitors broadcasts delivered through the university’s eight student-produced channels.

Students in this area work in groups to:

  • troubleshoot technical broadcasting issues;
  • regularly monitor all RU-tv channels for quality distribution; and
  • catalogs the tape library.

Being able to think quickly to fix broadcast issues is a key strength for those working in this area.


Do you have an interest in videography or video editing? RU-tv’s production department is home to production crew members and segment producers. During field or studio shoots, production crew members serve as camera operators, production assistants, and directors. After the shoot, crew members edit video to keep programs fun and informative. Producers are responsible for creating a range of public affairs, promotions, sports, and entertainment programming.

Student producers gain hands-on experience in:

  • researching;
  • writing;
  • videotaping; and
  • editing story segments.

Working together, segment producers and production crews create original programming for our shows including Wake Up Rutgers, Inside Rutgers, SportsKnight, Pass the Popcorn, and At the Podium.


Are you a planner or, perhaps, a movie buff? Are you decisive? RU-tv’s programming department is responsible for scheduling the shows that air on the network's eight university-produced channels.

From public service announcements to full-length feature films, students in the programming department:

  • work with staff professionals to determine what goes on the air; and
  • coordinate with show producers, the marketing and promotions department, and external producers.

If you're able to multitask and work with others, then perhaps programming is for you.


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