Awards & Recognition

The Rutgers University Television Network (RU-tv) has been recognized for excellence many times since its founding in 1999. In 2006, RU-tv was named Best Student-Run Campus Television Network by the Association of Higher Education Campus Television Administrators and MTV-U.

Other awards of note include:

2015 Jam Video Awards

2014 Jam Video Awards

  • Video Excellence–PSA Promo, Rutgers Bus Routes
  • Video Excellence–Local Events, RU Muddy

2014 Telly Awards

  • Bronze Award–Block R Party Package
  • Bronze Award–Reverse Serendipity

2013 Jam Video Awards

  • Outstanding Video in Arts and Entertainment–Inside Rutgers Season 19, episode 7
  • Outstanding Video in Sports Programming–Inside Rutgers Season 19, episode 4
  • Outstanding Video in Best Production (Non-Professional)–Rutgers WeatherWatcher–Hurricane Sandy Update

2012 Jam Video Awards

  • Outstanding Video in Sports Category–SportsKnight
  • Outstanding Video in Entertainment Series–Pass the Popcorn

2010 Jam Video Awards

  • Outstanding Video–30 In The Banks
  • Outstanding Video–AIDS (Public Service Announcement)
  • Outstanding Video/Sports Programming–SportsKnight

2004 Communicator Awards

  • Get Involved (Promotional Announcement)
  • Honorable Mention–Inside Rutgers

2003 Telly Awards

  • Bronze Award–Inside Rutgers