Today's Forecast

Join the WeatherWatcher crew as they bring you the daily forecast via Facebook. You can also catch the forecast every 15 minutes on RU-tv's INFO & WEATHER Channel 23.1 and on Wake Up Rutgers! Every Monday and Thursday from 9AM-12:30PM on The ON CAMPUS standard channel 23.3 and ON CAMPUS HD channel 25.2 . If you're in the car, you can find your WeatherWatcher forecast during the 1PM newscast on 88.7FM or Packages filmed by WeatherWatcher can also be found on the RU-tv Network.

Tip: If the forecast is not at the top of our Facebook wall, simply use the scroll bar below to locate it on our Facebook wall.

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Get Involved

Students with an interest in science and broadcasting gain experience in media production and meteorlogical reporting in the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community. Learn more.