Today's Forecast

Join the WeatherWatcher crew as they bring you the daily forecast via Facebook. You can also catch the forecast every 15 minutes on RU-tv's INFO & WEATHER Channel 23.1 and on Wake Up Rutgers! Every Monday and Thursday from 9AM-12:30PM on The ON CAMPUS standard channel 23.3 and ON CAMPUS HD channel 25.2 . If you're in the car, you can find your WeatherWatcher forecast during the 1PM newscast on 88.7FM or Packages filmed by WeatherWatcher can also be found on the RU-tv Network.

Tip: If the forecast is not at the top of our Facebook wall, simply use the scroll bar below to locate it on our Facebook wall.

Get Involved

Students with an interest in science and broadcasting gain experience in media production and meteorlogical reporting in the WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community. Learn more.