• RU-tv Starts on Channel 23.1!

    RU-tv has converted its signal from Analog to Digital and has a new Channel Lineup. All channels on the network now start on channel 23.1.

  • RU-tv Has Gone Digital!

    RU-tv moved into the digital world after the activation of new equipment, and over 90 channels were transitioned in this process. Learn how to connect here.

  • On Wake Up Rutgers...

    Start your day off right and keep up with what’s happening on campus. Watch Wake Up Rutgers on channels 23.3 or 25.2 or online.

    Wake Up Rutgers

  • As of October 1, 2015, sports channels MSG, MSG+ and SNY will no longer be carried the RU-tv Network.

    These channels were included in a sports package that we subscribed to , but the channels decided to leave the package and become premium services.

    The fee to carry these channels with their new configuration will be cost prohibitive for RU-tv.

  • Get Involved!

    Interested in broadcast production or meteorology? Joining RU-tv is a great way to meet friends and explore broadcasting. Check out these opportunities:

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