• RU-tv Starts on Channel 23.1!

    RU-tv has converted its signal from Analog to Digital and has a new Channel Lineup. All channels on the network now start on channel 23.1.

  • RU-tv Has Gone Digital!

    RU-tv moved into the digital world after the activation of new equipment, and over 90 channels were transitioned in this process. Learn how to connect here.

  • On Wake Up Rutgers...

    Start your day off right and keep up with what’s happening on campus. Watch Wake Up Rutgers on channels 23.3 or 25.2 or online.

    Wake Up Rutgers

  • RU-tv has expanded its programming lineup.  Encore (Ch. 36.8) and Encore Classic (Ch. 36.9) have been added to the channels lineup along with POP (35.6), The Science Channel (35.7) and Bloomberg (35.8).  

    Please re-program your television set to get the Encore channels. For more info, click here.

  • Get Involved!

    Interested in broadcast production or meteorology? Joining RU-tv is a great way to meet friends and explore broadcasting. Check out these opportunities:

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